We Care about your safety

Social Distancing Floor Signs

Ø30cm 1,5M

£ 5.25

SKU: SD002

Keep your distance with the Social Distancing Floor Stickers. As social distancing becomes mandatory, we all have to follow the rules by standing the designated distance from each other. This safety signage will help you mark out safety distance and remember everyone its importance at all times. Use it not only to adhere to government requirements and for the safety of yourself, colleagues and clients.

  • Eye Grabbing Visuals
    The Social Distancing Floor Stickers use bright black & yellow colours to draw your attention
  • Goes on everything
    The Social Distancing Floor Stickers can be placed on virtually any surface both indoors and outdoors, including carpets, wood and concrete
  • Two types of adhesive
    The Social Distancing Floor Stickers is available in two types of adhesives, permanent and non-permanent. If you want to be able to reposition the sticker, choose the non-permanent. For a permanent fixture, choose the permanent.
  • Easy Installation
    The Social Distancing Floor Stickers is light and easy to install, remove and reposition wherever you need.
  • Durable
    The Social Distancing Floor Stickers is designed for high durability, meaning it can handle heavy foot traffic without damaging the sticker or compromising the print
  • Attention grabbing visual marker
  • Two available adhesive options
  • Convenient spacing solution
  • Suitable indoors and outdoors for fabric carpets, wood, concrete etc.
  • Offices
  • Retail
  • Outdoor Places
  • Public Areas
  • Lightweight extruded PVC
  • High Durability
  • Available in multiple sizes
  • Permanent & Non-permanent adhesive layer
  • Please remove the protective liner film before application
  • Using water to assist applying the material is not necessary and not recommended